This page contains KLCS station policies, financial information, and other public files as PDF documents to allow the public free and easy access to them. These documents are also available for inspection at the offices of KLCS at 1061 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Please email our Senior Financial Analyst, Charlie Chi, for further assistance. For assistance with FCC and EEO matters, please email our Broadcast Compliance Specialist, Thomas Taitt.

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KLCS Station Policies

KLCS Community Advisory Board
KLCS Donor List and Political Donations Policy
KLCS Diversity Policy
KLCS Diversity Statement
KLCS Open Financial Records Policy
KLCS Open Meetings Policy
KLCS CSG Fund Policy
KLCS Policy Prohibiting Sale to Political Candidates
Station Management and Governing Board

Upcoming LAUSD Board of Education Meetings

Annual Financial Reports

AFR 2023
AFR 2022
AFR 2021
AFR 2020
AFR 2019
AFR 2018
AFR 2017
AFR 2016
AFR 2015

Audited Annual Financial Statements

AFS 2023
AFS 2022
AFS 2021
AFS 2020
AFS 2019
AFS 2018
AFS 2017
AFS 2016
AFS 2015

Station Activities Benchmarking Studies (SABS)

SABS 2023
SABS 2022
SABS 2021
SABS 2020
SABS 2019
SABS 2018
SABS 2017
SABS 2016
SABS 2015

Station Activities Survey (SAS)

SAS 2023
SAS 2022
SAS 2021
SAS 2020
SAS 2019
SAS 2018
SAS 2017
SAS 2016
SAS 2015

Local Content and Service Reports


FCC Online Inspection Public Files
Annual EEO Report
Public Media Code of Editorial Integrity

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