Airs Saturdays at 9AM

Spring is in the air and so are brand new, never-seen-before episodes of Things Green with Nick Federoff.

Nick Federoff is our award-winning horticulturist that brings his expertise to the show each week as he helps viewers learn how to create beautiful gardens that are both functional and sustainable. With tips for beginning gardeners as well as more experienced ones, there is something for everyone.

When not at the Botanical Gardens he takes road trips to the most interesting local and faraway places tying in their relationship to environmental stewardship, sustainability and all around fun!

Whether you need help choosing plants or want advice about soil preparation techniques, Nick will have it covered every Saturday morning. Plus he will also explore topics such as permaculture design principles, water conservation methods and organic pest control solutions so that viewers can make informed decisions when creating their own green spaces at home.

So don’t miss out – tune into Things Green with Nick Federoff this spring season for all of your gardening needs! You’ll soon find yourself enjoying a lush outdoor space full of vibrant colors from flowers blooming everywhere around you – thanks to all the knowledge gained from watching one of America’s most beloved gardening experts!
Airs Saturdays at 9AM

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