Airs Tuesday, September 12th and 19th at 10PM

Sabbath is a new documentary that explores the concept of a “day of rest” across different religions and places of worship in America. With people across the globe experiencing exhaustion and untold stress, this traditional notion may be worth revisiting. The concept of the Sabbath offers a respite and rhythm to the week. It also refocuses how we understand ourselves as part of the greater world. This day of rest encourages us to care for ourselves, our neighbors, and the natural world. Sabbath 1brings together a wide array of leading historians, sociologists, medical doctors, religious leaders, and acclaimed authors. These experts unpack how, from the first Pilgrim settlements to the large-scale religious gatherings of today, the Sabbath has been an important theme etched into the story of America. The two-part documentary explores how we gather in common worship, and how that practice has been exercised over centuries while also providing a centerpiece for our social and communal lives. Additionally, the film unpacks how the pandemic has changed how Americans gather for worship and what the future holds. From the Orthodox Jews of Crown Heights, New York who observe a Shabbat, to Muslims who honor the Friday Jummah Prayer, to the history of Sunday Sabbath in the Black Church, the story of Sabbath is the story of America both yesterday and today.

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