by Hirsch | April 30, 2018 11:07 am

Airs Tuesday, May 29th at 7PM

Holocaust Soliloquy is a story of one man, one poem, and one mission.

Peter Fischl was 13-years-old when Hungarian Jews were rounded up and killed during WWII. Unlike his father, Fischl survived: a so-called, “hidden child of the Holocaust.”

This 52-minute documentary, by Emmy-winning journalist Peter Musurlian, tells the story of Fischl’s survival and of a poem he wrote, inspired by a haunting and iconic photograph. He called the poem, ““To the Little Polish Boy Standing with His Arms Up.” Fischl used the poem as his own personal therapy, as well as a vehicle to educate children about the horrors of the Holocaust.

We see Fischl, over nearly two decades, in a classrooms and auditoriums, teaching tolerance to students from dozens of cultures.  In Europe, Fischl visited the places in Budapest where he hid to survive.  He also journeyed to the Auschwitz, where the “little Polish boy” is believed to have perished.


Source URL: http://klcs.org/holocaust-soliloquy/