Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick – Dr. Leonard Mlodinow – Elastic

by Hirsch | July 27, 2018 8:42 am

Part 1 airs Saturday, August 11th at 8PM and Wednesday, August 15th at 9PM
Part 2 airs Saturday, August 18th at 8PM and Wednesday, August 22nd at 9PM

Can we train our brains to be more comfortable when confronting change and more adapt at innovation?

Dr. Leonard Mlodinow knows we can. Dr. Mlodinow, who co-wrote with Stephen Hawking The Grand Design and A Briefer History of time, is known for his ability to take almost incomprehensible subjects and make them accessible to all. With his book, Elastic, he tells why we must use a new form of thinking in an era of ever fasting change.

In part one of my conversation with physicist Dr. Leonard Mlodinow, about his book Elastic, we learned why flexible thinking in a time of change is of the utmost importance. Now, in Part 2, he shows us the tools we must access in our minds to incorporate flexible thinking so we become more innovative and prepared for the future.


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