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Bombay Bellywood: Live from Los Angeles
Bombay Bellywood
Bombay Bellywood

The Bellydance Superstars have performed for well over a million people in over 600 shows including the biggest shows ever in the history of bellydance anywhere. And now they're here on KLCS to entertain and delight you.

This company has earned an unrivaled reputation for excellence in presenting the ancient art form of Bellydance. For this performance, the internationally acclaimed troupe has added an array of exciting Indian dance styles, including Bollywood and Bhangra, into their already varied mix of Bellydance styles that range from Egyptian Cabaret to American Tribal styles; hence the show title BOMBAY BELLYWOOD.

It is fitting that the filming took place in Los Angeles, home of the troupe AND on the 800th performance adding a celebratory aspect to an already super show. As always the The Bellydance Superstars deliver great dance and musical variety, stunning creativity, a multitude of beautiful costumes and the unexpected, leaving the audience always guessing and looking for more.

BOMBAY BELLYWOOD represents the pinnacle of the art of Bellydance today but will also inspire dance enthusiasts of all genres.

There is no doubt that BOMBAY BELLYWOOD will further secure their title as claimed by The Sunday Times of London "The most important dance troupe in the world."
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Bombay Bellywood

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